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C&K Paving Contractors, Inc. is the nationís premier asphalt & concrete paving contractor that specializes in the installation and maintenance of parking lot surfaces.

We are currently licensed contractors in the states of Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennesse, Virginia, and West Virginia.

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Asphalt Paving Company

Asphalt Paving Contractors

We are asphalt paving contractors that are experienced in commercial, municipal and industrial asphalt paving projects. Our crews have completed asphalt paving projects of all sizes with particular experience completing parking lots, road and drive areas, walkways and storage yards. As an extension of our asphalt paving services we also offer concrete construction for curbs, gutters, islands, catch basins, dumpster pads, handicap ramps and other areas that are normally built with concrete.

We offer complete services for asphalt repair or maintenance projects ranging from simple patching to complete resurfacing of asphalt paving for customers throughout the Southeast.

Asphalt Maintenance

Asphalt is a great choice for large paving projects as it is typically less expensive than concrete paving. One discernable difference between asphalt paving and concrete paving is that asphalt requires more maintenance in order to extend its useful life. The consideration of Asphalt Maintenance is very important for several reasons. The top consideration is that with proper maintenance, notably sealcoating, your pavement will be easier to clean and will prevent, or minimize, damage from rain, ice and chemicals such as gasoline and engine fluids.

Additionally, well maintained asphalt paving has an attractive appearance that will appeal to customers, and will have a smooth, defect free, surface that is safer for pedestrians.

Our asphalt paving professionals can consult with you to create a cost effective asphalt maintenance plan and asphalt maintenance schedule. Regardless of the current condition of your property, we can repair, resurface or completely replace all or sections of your asphalt paving. If your asphalt paving or parking lot needs immediate attention you should call us today to discuss.

Asphalt Repair, Crack Sealing, and Patching

All asphalt endures damage from water, chemicals, ultraviolet rays, and general wear. Typical repairs are sealing cracks with tar or caulk to control water penetration, and filling potholes with hot patch materials. These services can usually be completed with minimal disruption to your business. Resurfacing can be expensive and evaluating proposals can be confusing. Our proposals are always done to offer a quality project and are not done to win the job with a cheap price based on cutting corners or using sub-par materials.

Contact us today to discuss your asphalt paving project or to request a free proposal.

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